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IPTV Smarters

This is an Android app that works great on Amazon devices, Android boxes smart TV's, and Android Phones. 

Click HERE to download the latest IPTV Smarters Version


Open the APP. Click on the top box:

Enter Any name you like.

Enter Your Username

Enter Your Password

Enter the following web address into the correct box.

be aware that using firesticks and smarters can cause a small error. Smarter's app will randomly enter a / at the end of the server URL above, causing you to see channels but none will play. 

If you entered all your information correctly it will add your information

Click on your name and it will start to load

From this screen you can check your account go to On demand entertainment or watch Live TV

If you are having trouble setting this up, please email us with a picture of what you entered on the first screen, this will help us quickly solve your issue.

IPTV smarters 3.JPG
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