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What should I purchase?

Just pick how long you want your service to last and if you want to add a multi-room option (explanation of multi-room below)



How do I sign up?
Please click on the online Store choose which service you would like and checkout. You will be emailed a receipt. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU RECEIVE AN EMAILED RECEIPT AFTER PURCHASING....This way you will know you used the correct email address (check your spam folder is not received within 15 minutes)


Your username and password for xStream TV are emailed to you in a 2nd email. 

You must wait for the 2nd email from us....this may take 15 minutes to generate or it may take up to 24 hours.....We are not available in the middle of the night or on major holidays. Be patient, however, if you have not heard from us after 24 hours, please email us using the email address on your receipt.



Check your spam folder! we would have emailed you. 

contact us at

How do I renew?

Simply purchase another month whenever you are ready. If your account has expired, we suggest you renew within 5 days or you may receive a new username and password as old expired accounts get deleted. This will save you from having to type in a new password or URL each month...

We do not send reminders of your account expiring.

You can renew at any time, there is no need to wait until it expires.


Do we offer Trials?


Can I get a refund?

NO. We are unable to process refunds due to the service being prepaid.  We highly recommend you purchase a 1 month subscription first before committing to a years service, his will allow you to familiarize yourself with xStream TV. 

Where do I go for support?

We offer support though email. We have recently added Telegram and discord "as a way of contacting us" . PLEASE make sure you visit the blog page for any outages first if you are having an issue. we post updates, fixes and any major problems here.


Use the email to contact us

What is Multi-room?
You can install and use xStream on as many devices as you wish including phones, tablets, fire TV's, android boxes etc. There are hundreds of devices you can watch xStream TV on.


There are a few restrictions. You may only watch on one device at a time unless you add a multi-room when checking out. Multi-room allows you to use the service at the same time on 1 or more devices.

Multi-room is for YOUR HOME/WORK USE and is NOT for sharing with friends and family. If 2 different fixed IP addresses are used, your multi-room will be terminated and your service will be locked to one IP address only. 

To decide if you need a multi-room or not, ask yourself how many TV's will be watched at the same time in your home?

if the answer is more than one, add up to 3 EXTRA multi-rooms.

3 extra multi-rooms would allow a maximum of 4 TV's streaming at the same time from your home.


Can I change my service?

If you wish to add a multi-room to your service after purchasing, please contact us. 

What can you use xStream TV  on?
Well the quicker answer is what cant you use it on. You can use xStream TV on Kodi, android, Windows, IOS, smart TVs, Mag devices, web browsers. See our page "How to watch" for more information. 


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